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Do not go to High Desert. Communication is terrible and the work and prices even worse. The owner Brett James is a dirty slob and a broken record. Never answers the phone and is a yes man. Meaning he says yes to everything while smiling yet it is all talk. Takes forever to finish jobs and has also been in the newspapers and local news for hidden camera ripoff's . He will take ones car apart and then let it sit. If one wants to leave it is to late as he has part's all over. He is a clown. Stay away. He is getting quite a rep around the area. He has ripped off the connected and powerful in the area to many times.It's a small town. Get a clue. Ripping off little old lady's may seem easy but they have relatives that will get the money back !

Here at High Desert Auto & RV we take great pride in performing excellent and reasonable services for the High Desert. This post was place by a former employee that had some personal and criminal problems outside of work that was effecting his ability to perform a high quality repair, and his trust level within the company was questionable. For the sake of my customer and their vehicles he was terminated from employment and this is how he would like to get back at an employer. Had this employee not made wrong and stupid choices in his life he would still have gainful employment. But as they say "Once a criminal always a criminal." If for any reason reading this review gives you doubt or concern as to the quality of repairs that would be performed on your vehicle, feel free to contact us at High Desert Auto & RV we have thousands of customer we treat like family here. Let us prove it to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this review hopefully one disgruntled former employee will not make you decisions for you .

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High Desert Auto & RV

I went in to get the starter tested for my boat. Brett was very helpful and efficient. He explained what was wrong with my starter in terms I could understand. Then, I took my truck in to get the A/C serviced. He took my truck right in, and less than an hour later I was driving in a "cool" truck. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful he was. Great experience. I will be going to him again, although, hopefully not for awhile.

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